Valley-Edinburg School District was formed in 2010, joining the communities of Hoople-Crystal-Edinburg.

The school in Hoople houses grades K-4, Crystal houses grades 5-8, and Edinburg houses grades 9-12.

Our Mission:

"Valley-Edinburg schools will empower all learners to acquire the knowledge and skills to become powerful thinkers, who imagine new possibilities, communicate their ideas clearly, and work collaboratively and independently to become responsible citizens."

Image Hoople School
Image Crystal School
Image Edinburg School
K-4 Elementary
5-8 Elementary
9-12 High School
2040 Myrtle Avenue
4013 Euclid Avenue
600 5th St S
PO Box 150
PO Box 129
PO Box 6
Hoople, ND 58243
Crystal, ND 58222
Edinburg, ND 58227
Voice: (701) 894-6226 Voice: (701) 657-2163 Voice: (701) 993-8312
Fax: (701) 894-6146 Fax (701) 657-2150 Fax: (701) 993-8313
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